Smart Audio Guest Book. Pick up the Phone. Leave a Message.
The best way to capture authentic messages at weddings and parties. An easy, and profitable add-on to any photo booth rental.


ToneMatic is made from a real, working rotary phone. We then gut it, and rebuild the inside with modern technology. Guests pick up the phone, listen to the greeting, and leave a message. Files are instantly saved to the phone as both an audio file, and in a shareable, brandable video format.


On the inside, ToneMatic is far from retro. It's where the magic happens. Messages are processed in real time on the phone. You can download messages, change settings, upload custom greetings and manage output artwork, via the phone's interface over a local WIFI connection. Smart.


Battery Powered
Tonematic can be run off any standard power bank with USB C. A 20,000mah battery pack is good for an entire event.
Custom Greetings
Record your own greeting, and upload it to the phone. Or choose from one of our pre-made greetings. Make it yours.
Audio File Capture
Each message is captured as its own seperate audio file. Log on to the phone to listen to and then download all the messages.
Shareable Video Files
Audio Messages are automatically converted in to shareable video files. Customisable with your own graphics and colour matched waveform.
One phone. Many colours. The base of Tonematic is completely interchangeable with different colour phones.
Easy to Use
Plug it in. Wait a minute. And you're ready to leave message. It's super, super simple to use.