Breeze consulting

Get on your way to becoming a Breeze Master with one on one training sessions.
Steve has worked with some of the biggest names at some of the biggest events all over the world. Work with Steve one on one to help build a better business.

Breeze Interface planner

Because of the flexibility of Breeze, sometimes you can't see the forest for the trees! So, I built the Breeze Interface Planner, as a way to visually map out what's required to create a custom interfaces from scratch. This will allow you to go through a complete interface, screen by screen and see exactly what you need.

Get planning now!

Pick my brain session

Sometimes all you need is to be just pointed in the right direction. There are a tonne of tips and tricks in Breeze. Pick my brain for one hour, to unlock a decade of Breeze knowledge. This is an excellent value for money session.

PICK my brain!


Let me help you get Breeze up and running so you can run a contactless setup. I can assist with your own custom QR Code generator, as well as helping to configure Breeze Booth for Window and iPad for QR scanning.


Make me something custom

Yes Ma'am! My team and I have designed custom Breeze configurations for some of the biggest names and events in the world. Because custom stuff, is well, custom, I'll need to quote you. But I can help you with just about everything, from design, implementation and on the day support.